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I'm Not Sick, But I'm Not Well

Silent ✩ Conventional ✩ Weapon

You're probably too cool to talk to me.

I've taken an oath of silence, anyway.

May 17 '13

"Sometimes when I’m asleep, Ragnarok undresses me…it’s really perverted, and I don’t know how to deal with it."

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    "You could never get in the way, Crona!" Rue smiled confidently, giving him a thumbs-up. "Just your company is good...
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    "Make pancakes?" Ragnarok laughed. "Call me when they’re ready!" The demon dissipated, returning to his meister’s...
  3. skaishiroi said: "C-Crona, sweetie…" Rue stutters sweetly, placing a hand on Crona’s trembling shoulder. "That’s not okay… if he gives you trouble, just tell me, ok?"